I’ve decided to use my wordpress.com account to inform you of any outages that take down my web sites or other online services.

Most of my stuff is hosted by DreamHost, and they usually do a pretty good job, but sometimes things happen, and sometimes it takes a while for them to get fixed.

It’s usually a good idea to have something hosted elsewhere to let people know when things go blooey — DreamHost itself has one at dreamhoststatus.com — and I thought I should do the same.

After all, if everything goes down at once, I’m not necessarily able to let you know what’s happened, because my e-mail is down, too — or if I am able to let you know, you’re not necessarily able to find out where I’ve said it. (For example, I’ve announced site outages on relevant mailing lists: gartersnake for gartersnake.info; MapHist for The Map Room.)

So, if you simply can’t live without my deathless prose (and who are you, exactly?), your favourite site of mine goes down and you’d like to find out what’s happening, bookmark this site (mcwetboy.wordpress.com) or subscribe to its RSS feed, and stay abreast of things.

Note, though, that if the outage is at my end — if, for example, my cable service is physically cut — then I’ll have trouble reporting that fact here.

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