All sites down

All sites have been down since just before 9 a.m. EST.

Update #1: My sites came back, sort of, after about an hour, but now my MySQL databases are not responding (which makes blogging impossible), and server loads are stratospheric:

07:08:33 up 32 min, 1 user, load average: 327.42, 301.77, 223.48 

Just heard back from a DreamHost customer support agent who seemed to think everything was fine. Shit.

Update #2: Nearly two hours later, and the incompetent retards still haven’t fixed anything.

Update #3: The server was rebooted two hours ago. Since that time, load averages have regularly exceeded 300 (anything above 10 is a crisis, I’ve been told) and I haven’t been able to do anything with my Movable Type install. I also haven’t heard a motherfucking peep from the DreamHost asstards since the first, hydrocephalic one in which they said everything was hunky-dorky, hyuck hyuck.

Update #4: Three hours in, still no MySQL access. Server loads creeping downwards slowly — to around 360! (They spiked at around 485.) Still no further word from DreamHost.

Update #5: I was able to publish a single entry on The Map Room. What normally takes seconds took at least 23 minutes before terminating in a server error. I don’t think all pages were built. Still no further word from DreamHost (12:07 p.m.).

Update #6: Looks like we’re done. Server loads down to 9.08 (1-minute average), MT rebuilds back to normal.


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