Database down due to filer problems

An issue has arisen in the wake of this morning’s server move: “Seems we hit a slight bump with the move last night. Users on a particular filer currently can’t see their sites or their users due to this. We are in the process of fixing this right now.”

As a result, my web sites are available, but my Movable Type database is inaccessible: I can’t post new entries at this time. This is probably quite temporary so no big deal. Though there is one potential issue arising from this move that may complicate my Movable Type-powered blogs — I won’t know, however, until the database is back online. (Good thing I made backups last night.)

Update, 1:37 PM: DreamHost is reporting the issue resolved but I still can’t access the database.

Update, 1:46 PM: The database is back and functioning normally.


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