FRN down due to MySQL outage

Monday, November 20, 2006 pm30 12:28 pm

Once again, DreamHost MySQL server amber is experiencing an outage, which means, unfortunately, so is FRN. This is the fourth major outage of amber in the last month (1, 2, 3); I’ve asked for an explanation.

Update, 1:25 PM: Seem to be back now; downtime was about an hour and twenty minutes.

Yet another database outage

Thursday, November 9, 2006 pm30 1:11 pm

MySQL server amber is down again; see previous entries for impact and background (1, 2).

Update, 1:40 PM: The sites started coming back a while ago, and DreamHost signalled the all clear about 10 minutes ago. Total reported downtime just over two hours, though actual site inaccessibility was less than that.

More issues with amber

Monday, November 6, 2006 am30 10:50 am

As before, sites using “amber” as their MySQL server — notably, FRN and Ontario Herpers — are unreachable at the moment: “amber” does not seem to be down, but the pages are simply hanging forever when trying to load them.

Update, 10:43 AM: The outage is reported resolved, and FRN (at least) is back online. Total downtime, about an hour.