MySQL server issues

Monday, October 23, 2006 am31 10:08 am

MySQL issues are affecting several of my blogs this morning. Blogs published with WordPress or Textpattern, which are published dynamically, may be unreachable from time to time: they’re getting sporadic connection errors. Blogs published with Movable Type, such as The Map Room and The McWetlog, will continue be reachable, but posting, editing and commenting appear to be touch and go at the moment, or at least really slow. Blogs published with Blogger should be unaffected.

From what I can tell, they’re on the job. With any luck this will be resolved shortly.

Update, 10:45 AM:

Two hours after the first outage was reported (not by me), MySQL server “amber” is completely down.

This means that Reptile Breeders Group (or at least those portions not currently being autoforwarded to my personal site’s Reptiles section) and Ontario Herpers, as well as a new project I’m not ready to announce, are completely unavailable.

The database powering Reptiles at Risk is also on “amber,” but the site is not dynamic and is still up (though not changeable).

Most of my other Movable Type-powered blogs use a MySQL database hosted on another server, which is a bit slow right now but still responding.

12:00 PM: Crap, amber is still down, and has been for three hours now. The other database server is working much better, though.

12:12 PM: Don’t look now, but we appear to be back. For now, at least.