MySQL down

My MySQL server just went down, which means I can’t edit or post new entries.

Update, 10:33 AM: We’re back; that took less than 15 minutes. Movable Type is still acting extremely slowly (again), though at least I have access to my stuff.


2 Responses to MySQL down

  1. keirwhitaker says:

    I have just come across your blog and have been equally frustrated by the issues at Dreamhost over the last few weeks. As I type none of my sites are accessible due to what I can only assume is another MySQL issue.

    Although I have found the helpdesk staff helpful I am at the point of moving hosts after 18 months. The main problem is that I have lost confidence that my sites will be active and when they are the response time of the MySQL databases is so patchy.

    I love the transparency and the ethos but it is getting to the point where I just can’t trust the service. We all need our sites to be up, an hours worth of downtime really isn’t good enough is it? All in all I have probalby lost days recently if you count the downtime multiplied by the number of sites.

    Have you thought about moving?

  2. mcwetboy says:

    I’ve thought about it, and have started looking around for alternatives, but I’d like to wait and see whether this rash of crappiness is a temporary state that will improve, or it’s the new and awful standard of service. I’ll give ’em at least another month or two.

    If nothing else, I figure I should shop carefully before I jump, take the time to figure out who to jump to, or else I’ll end up with an even worse host than I do right now.

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