Sites down

Never rains but it pours. All sites presently unreachable; I can’t even get at them via SSH or FTP. DreamHost’s panel is also down, so I’ve submitted a support request by e-mail.

Update, 3:45 PM: Looks like the whole DreamHost network is down; you’d think, though, that after nearly 45 minutes they’d post something about it here.

Update, 4:10 PM: Well, they’ve posted something about the control panel and webmail outages; my sites, however, are still down.

Update, 4:30 PM: Control panel’s back up; support tickets submitted. Apparently you can’t contact them by e-mail, only by the control panel — even when the control panel is down.

Update, 5:10 PM: Everything just came back online. Total downtime was around two hours.

Update, 5:50 PM: Fucking hell. After a grand total of 50 minutes of uptime, we’re down again.

Update, 6:00 PM: Panel’s back up. Downtime submitted. Let’s hope it’s not another two hours again.

Update, 8:00 PM: Looks like they came back an hour ago or so.


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